Find the best Roll Top Desk

A Roll Top Desk can add brilliance and elegance to your office with a simple addition. The benefits of a roll top desk do not stop there. A good roll top desk has the functionality to make storage a breeze with unique and one of a kind security system.

Security Features

  • Main Roll Top with Lock
  • Multiple Locked Drawers
  • Various Locked Compartments
  • Locked File Drawers
  • Multiple Layer Locking Mechanisms (File Drawers have individual locks, which are secured by a second lock; Internal compartments are locked which are then enclosed in the main Roll Top Compartment)

Organizational Features

  • Multiple compartments for small items
  • Multiple file storage compartments
  • Multiple drawers for item storage
  • Clearly defined areas for all office related items including: Files, Pens, Paper, Computer, Phones, etc.

Personal Benefits 

A roll top desk is ideal for any and every office need. You can easily have a unique center piece and conversation starter for your office. In an age of modern furniture and technology most people are bound by what is right in front of them. Constant stimulation and always being plugged into the internet makes personal and handcrafted touches like a real wood desk a throw back to a previous age or era.

The benefits of storage and security may be plentiful but the real benefit of a Roll Top Desk is the ability and capacity to start a great conversation. Wood finish, rustic appeal, and a throw back to a different time will make a regular piece of furniture a brilliant addition to your home office.